Should I Move or Build a Home Addition?

Is your family growing and you’re running out of space in your home? Or have you gotten into entertaining but find yourModern interior design of house, hall, living room with staircase home’s square footage no longer accommodates everyone comfortably? Regardless of the reason, working within the crowded confines of your living space can be frustrating.

And homeowners who contend with this issue often ask themselves, should I move or build a home addition? There isn’t a clear-cut answer as an element of personal preference may come into the mix. However, there are certainly some factors to consider.

Weigh Your Options

For one, take your neighborhood into account. Do you love where your home is located? If so, then you may not want to give up on your spacious backyard, friendly neighbors, or good school system. This is where a home addition can become appealing. As long as you have a trusted company on the job, a home addition can solve your tight space issue while helping you maintain your desired location.

Another factor to keep in mind is price. Generally, a whole-home remodel is less expensive than purchasing a new home. With a home addition, you would have to deal with the hustle and bustle of construction work right under your roof, but the results may be worth it in the end.

Go With the Professionals

If you love your neighborhood and the idea of moving simply gives you budget headaches, then contact the professionals at PCS Construction today. Since 1983, we have proudly been the leading all-phase, whole home remodeling company in Auburn, California and we look forward to working with you.

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