Kitchen Design – Where do we go from here?

Meeting with new clients is always a challenge and a pleasure.  I know that when a person wants to finally renovate their kitchen a lot of thought has gone into the eventual outcome.  With the help of the internet and HGTV, there are many visual ideas, concepts and also styles to consider.  The most frequent question is did you see the latest HGTV show and can I make my kitchen look like that?  I always say with enough money virtually anything can be achieved.  The question is though, do the customer’s have a large enough budget to recreate something they saw on the latest and greatest show or on  I actually love these shows and design links.  I love to see the new products, colors and combinations that a designer will put together.  The real challenge is translating a “design” into a livable, workable environment.  Will the client embrace the new changes and as it boils down to the money spent on a new renovated kitchen.

Communication is the essential key in all remodel/renovations.  With a kitchen remodel there are so many design and product choices to be made.  Like color of stain or paint on cabinets, Contemporary, Modern, Traditional styles, countertop products-granite, composite materials, tile, or concrete.  New appliances is just another example of the myriad of new products, features, finishes, etc.  Lighting can be tricky as no one likes a dark kitchen.  Is there enough task lighting as well as ambient lighting along with pendant feature lights.  As you can see the process escalates and at some point the customer can feel a little overwhelmed.  A good Construction Renovation company will work with each customer on an individual basis, because each project is a little different.  Communication will alleviate frustrations, timelines and product choices.   When the final step is completed, the goal is to have a great working relationship which leads to Happy Customers and Future Referrals.


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